Western Home Decor, Your Home on the Range

Western home decor has always been a popular style, and recently seems to be growing even more popular! The down home appeal of western decor is attracting more and more people to use this style of furniture and accents. Part of this growth certainly comes from television, decorating books and magazines.

This type of decor is not only popular in the western area of the United States, it has become popular all over the country. The charm and inviting atmosphere of this decor is hard for anyone to resist, and the comfortable, relaxed feeling is very inviting to visitors and guests.

There are several different styles to choose from when using this type of decor. Some people prefer the rough and rugged western look such as a wall adorned with an old wagon wheel, exposed wooden ceiling beams and rough textured walls. Others like just a few more modern accents such as a western style mirror or cowboy figurine. The rustic look can be acquired in different ways, according to your taste.

Western home decor can be found in furnishings, mirrors, candle holders, pictures, rugs, figurines, throw pillows – you get the picture. The colors frequently used for this style come from the colors in nature – reds, golds, browns, anything rustic looking. The colors used are rich, warm and absolutely beautiful.

Southwestern decor is a variation on this theme, using color a bit more boldly and textured patterns. For example, in southwestern decor you will see many striped accents, decor items adorned with leather, native American figurines, feathers, and very bold patterns. This style is extremely popular as well. If you love color, texture and bold patterns this style would suit you very well.

Many people love an old fashioned western look. Horse and cowboy figurines, pictures featuring old time Roy Rogers themes and ponderosa pines are perfect for those who like the look of yesteryear. Rustic wooden framed mirrors, a horse lamp and a couple of old black iron candle holders shaped like horses will complete the look.

Whatever western home decor style is your favorite, you are in good company. No matter what your budget, you will find furnishings, accents and decor in every price range to suit your needs. So get started, lasso up a few western pieces here and there, and say “howdy” when everyone comes to visit your Home on the Range!

Art and Mirrors in Home Decor

The Uttermost Company was formed in 1975 by Bob and Belle Cooper, who had two generations of furniture manufacturing experience backing them. Currently, Uttermost is still 100 percent owned by the Cooper family, and though Bob and Belle are engaged in the business, they do not take part in the everyday activities; instead, Mac and Taz Cooper operate the business with an experienced management team behind them.

Uttermost is most known for their home decor manufacturing. They proudly stand behind their massive lines of mirrors, art, metal wall art, and clocks. In taking pride in their pieces and the manufacturing, Uttermost does not have two pieces of art that look the exact same. Every piece of art and metal wall art are handcrafted by professionals who possess years of experience. The commitment of Uttermost can be seen in the pride each artist takes in their craft, which essentially translates into higher quality products for the consumer.

Uttermost has built itself on a belief that all people in the corporation and everyone they do business with deserves respect. The Uttermost culture is based around the idea of partners in business. From the designer to the craftsman to the retailer, everyone is dependent on each other; they are all partners in the business of excellence.

The hardest question many people encounter when dealing with home decor is whether to decorate with mirrors or with art. Each has its own distinct advantages. For instance, art adds color, warmth, and personality to your room. By carefully choosing your art, you can broadcast to guests the kind of person or family you are. However, if your goal is to make the room appear more expansive, then mirrors are the best choice. Mirrors are also becoming a more popular choice in contemporary home design since they are both functional and they are very clean and sleek.

Another significant aspect of the decor at Uttermost is the frame. Uttermost is known for their high quality frames, which come in both carved wood and molded polyurethane. The only significant difference between the two options is price, since with today’s technology a solid core polyurethane frame feels and looks identical to wood. In addition to these choices, Uttermost carries frames created with wrought iron or forged steel. Each style can have a dramatic effect on the look of the art or the mirror, as well as the atmosphere of the room. Uttermost takes pride in the creation of their frames, most notably in the finish. Some come in simple, one layer designs, but the more attractive finishes have multiple steps which can include hand-laid metal leaf and hand-antiquing, which promises that each piece is really one of a kind.

When studying home decor choices, do not underestimate the impact the pieces can have on the home. Home decor choices, especially quality pieces from companies such as Uttermost, can add your personal touch to your home and create an awe-inspiring experience for your guests.