5 Fun and Simple Ways to Recreate Your Home Decor With Vinyl Lettering

Regardless of whether you’re looking to decorate your home, office, or lobby, decorative tiles, clocks, signs, and wall words, can help you achieve an inexpensive over-haul of any space. You can achieve that expensive hand-painted expression without the worry and messiness of paint. Wall Words, and vinyl lettering is especially great for decorating apartments, condos or other rented spaces as they are removable, and cause no damage to walls or other surfaces. As such, it’s no wonder that vinyl lettering is a fast growing trend in decorating, allowing you to add your personal touch to any place or craft in your home or office. We offer 5 simple ways to make your design dreams come to life with vinyl lettering. Since we’ve starting creating custom vinyl wall lettering for clients, I now have the answers to those questions. Here are 5 of the best ways that I have found to use vinyl wall lettering in your home:

1. Inspire with words – You can create the atmosphere you want in any room with a custom quote on one of the walls. This is the most well known use of vinyl lettering in home decor, often referred to as “wall words.” A thoughtfully placed quote can soften the mood in a room, or invoke whatever emotion you seek. Don’t underestimate the power of words in your decor.

2. Anyone Order a Border? – Another great way to use lettering is to use it as a border. Whether you choose a graphic type lettering kit, such as flowers, vines, or shapes, or have a border made of words, one thing is for certain – the border will bring a certain charm to the room that you could have never imagined. Whether you put a border around the top of a childs room (using the words of a favorite children’s song), or put a grape vine border around the chair rail in the dining room, your border is sure to be a hit.

3. Draw Attention to Photos – Another great use for the lettering in home decor is by using wall lettering to accent a photo wall. Few things break up a cluster of photos, and draw the eye to them as does a beautiful quote about family, friends, etc. Most manufacturers have pre-designed quotes specifically intended for this purpose, but you can always get creative and design your own. The only limit to what you can do with vinyl lettering is that imposed by your own creativity.

4. Etched Glass – If you’ve ever attended a BBQ with friends and family, and lost that special baking dish you loved, then you know how important it is to label things. Many people defile their glass baking dishes by resorting to a “Sharpie” permanent marker to label their dishes. However, few consider that you can use vinyl lettering as a stencil, and some inexpensive glass etching cream, to etch a permanent, and beautiful label on any glass baking dish. Not only will people know who the dish belongs to, but they’ll think you must have spent a fortune (Shhh, it’s our secret). Etched baking dishes also make a great wedding gift for the couple just starting out.

5. Banners & Signs – While vinyl lettering is great for home decor inside the home, it can also be used to create banners and signs as well. You can order vinyl banners online, and add vinyl lettering to them to create a very nice banner. We did this for our son’s baseball team after they won the state championship. You should have seen my son’s face to come back from the state tournament to a congratulatory banner hanging in the front yard (I think he still has it hanging in his room). Also, we’ve used vinyl lettering to create nice garage sale signs on foam board. They’re durable, don’t get blown away like poster board does, and stand up to the elements.

As you can see, what you can achieve with vinyl lettering is only limited by your own creativity While these are only a few of the many ways you can use vinyl lettering to add inspiring home decor, and create beautiful signs, I hope they help you see how versatile vinyl lettering really is – especially in regards to home decor. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding companies online that will personalize your lettering for you; however you want to make sure you choose quality vinyl as not all vinyl is created equal. While it may cost you a few pennies more for the good stuff, it will be cheaper in the long run as you won’t have to replace it after a couple of weeks due to peeling letters. So, make sure you choose a top-rate company who uses high quality vinyl.

Six Great Home Decor Tips

Have you ever stepped into a friend’s house and you were just in reverence? You probably thought, wow I would love to do the same, or I wish I could do that, or I would love to have that. Home decorating tips can be fun, and the changes in your home can bring you great joy and leave you feeling triumphant. However, if you are thinking about redecorating your home, there are several tips you need to know to help you add to an exhilarating sense of style to your home. This article will discuss home decorating tips that can make your house look eminent without having to spend a lot.

1. Choose a decoration leader

Choosing a decoration leader is necessary. A good decoration leader is better than a good company. The leader you select has to be suitable for you. If you are a careful man, you will choose a creative and decoration leader. If you are casual, you can choose a casual one.

2. Outlets in the storehouse

Installing at least one outlet in the warehouse is necessary. Good lighting in the storehouse is imperative for it is convenient for us to find products. Besides, we could iron clothes or use vacuum cleaner directly in the storehouse.

3. Floor drain has to be installed in a relatively low place in bathroom

Bathing will use a lot of water which will flow into the sewer through the floor drain. Some constructors leave not enough launching grade which leads to water overflow. It may cause door deformation, and some may even bring disasters to neighbors. Therefore, before installing, have a good measurement.

4. Waterproof in the bathroom

When we get our new house, waterproof has been done. In spite of that, some are not qualified. As far as I am concerned, waterproof should be a top priority. We should select good quality waterproof materials and have a water test after installing for fear that water leaks into neighbors downstairs. It is not only bad for the friend relationship but also time and money consuming.

5. Water pipe pressures test

It’s easy to find water leakage or water penetration if you don’t test water pipe pressure. Not all decoration materials are qualified in acceptance check, let alone collisions in transport. Therefore, testing water pipe pressure is very necessary. Testing time had better not less than thirty minutes. If home-owner don’t know how to operate, he could employ a professional supervisor to help you check.

6. Special handling of cabinet in balcony

If you install a cupboard in a balcony, you’d better use foam plastic insulation board to prevent direct sun and choose the paint which is not easy to fade.